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Lexit - The Movie (left wing case)
7 more reasons to vote leave
Brexit - The official movie.
10 EU announcements to be made after Vote
Juncker No more reforms - period.

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French Voters asking for FREXIT

EU rules dictate HS2 must go ahead

The LSE gives the economic case for Brexit

Brexit - view from the left

£650 million paid by UK in EU commission fines

Michael Gove writes on Immigration

Trade Unionist unite to leave the EU

Vote Leave win official designation

The NHS and the EU

IMF issue warning to Eurozone

Meet the british Poles who back Brexit

From Europhile to Eurosceptic - IEA

Scientists4Britain declare in favour of Brexit

The EU weakens our defences

EU is beyond reform says David Owen

EU Referendum - The 9 deceptions

What Dave pledged to renegotiate and what Dave got

FTSE 100 Remain letter backfires as only 36 sign it

Margaret Thatcher backs parliamentary democracy and the British interests

Europhile MP Sarah Wollaston now backs Brexit

Downing street panics as upto 100 tories campaign to leave

Household leaflet from BSE debunked

Calais border control fearmongering debunked

Barclays - Brexit may turn UK in safe haven

Dan Hannan - what would Brexit look like

Myth busted- Large manufacturers like Toyota set to remain regardless of outcome

Merkels migrant policys unconstitutuional

Labour, UKIP and Conservatives unite to leave the EU

Now conservatives for Britain unite to leave the Eu

Denmark seek revision of Refugee convention

Majority now backs Brexit

Danes reject further EU integration

Guardian Opinion - Britain should leave

Boris Johnson - Out vote will strengthen Britain

Britain pays twice to EU as saved with austerity cuts

Cost of living will fall with Brexit

12 reasons Cameron will lose on Brexit

Labour Leave - no confidence in Camerons renegotiation

Leaving the EU is for those on the left

Defeating Europhiles with facts

Lloyds chairman backs Brexit

Leaving the EU - Labours Kate Hoey

Fiscal union is not a cure for the Eurozone.

The EU is used to bypass national democracy

European Justice courts trump uk laws again.

Tusk warns loss of EU external border control

Renationalising the railways Fact or Fiction

12 reasons Iceland recovered and Greece didnt

Cameron suffers another defeat over Purdah

Britains true asylum figures for 2014

Cameron pays another £1.7bn to the EU whilst cutting NHS spending

Conservatives conference turns away wrong sort of conservatives

The mirage of EU rights

Calais_crisis: The facts.

Explosive podcast Yanis Varoufakis tells us who really runs Greece

France says no to treaty change

Iceland has no interest in joining the EU (translated)


Owen Jones, darling of the left, wakes up to the antidemocratic EU


Unions considering switching to Brexit if Cameron fails negotiations

Britains Left turn on Europe

Brain drain as Greeks flee Greece

EU migrants make up only 4% of NHS

Simple Reasons to Leave the EU.

Non-EU Iceland, Switzerland, Norway have highest employment rates. EU members Spain, Greece, Portugal have highest unemployment rates.

Free Welfare or Open borders, you cant have both

Sovereign democracy or federal dictatorship - you decide

UK has no benefit from EU membership - Civitas report

Remainers fail to declare Britains future liabilities in a the failing Eurozone

Cameron - UK will thrive outside EU

Brexit will help create jobs - top 300 CEO's

Small to medium business groups vote to leave

By transitioning from EU membership to 'WTO-only’ status, Britain would generate annual savings of around £3.9bn. (Telegraph, 22/06/2015)

Majority of Swedes believe EU is heading in the wrong direction

UK Should Consider Brexit If EU Signs TTIP, Suggests Labour Economics Adviser Joseph Stiglitz

Under the EU farmers share of CAP went from 50% to 38%

Aldi not deterred by Brexit - expands operations to UK

The EU Euro currency must have universal fiscal and monetry union to survive

British Scientist support leaving the EU

Leaving the EU has cross party support even from the traditionally europhile Liberal democrats

EU rulings about to cost Britain more job losses

Brussels seeks to crush innovation from disrupters and entreprenurs

Open trade does not mean open borders. Take NAFTA for instance, there is no free movement of people between those countries.

The people who warned us against keeping the Pound in 1999 now use precisely the same arguments to warn us against leaving the EU.

If UK left the EU, British expats already residing in a European nation would have the right to remain under Article 70b Vienna Convention.

It is membership of NATO that secures peace in Europe, not the political union

Nine myths on Brexit debunked easily by Danial Hannan MEP

British higher education systems would flourish after Brexit

In 1975 we voted to be part of a trading union not a political one.

Uncontrolled migration keeps unskilled wages low

The reforming from within europhiles are shown its unrealistic and impossible.

92% of reneotiation pledges made by David Cameron already failed

EU driven green taxes contribute to closure of Teeside steel works and 1700 jobs.

Austerity Britain govn to pay 90milion into EU's Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.

Dr NIgel Wilson chief exec of Legal and general said Britain should leave the EU if it cant renegotiate a better deal

Londons status as a global financial centre would not be harmed by the UK exiting the EU (Xavier Rolet,Chief Exec of the LSE)

We should not be scared of leaving the EU and exploring a world without it. (Jim O'Neill former chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset management)

Elected MEPs cannot initiate legislation, propose legislation or even repeal legislation. All that is done by the unelected EU Commission.

We are the 5th or 6th largest economy in the world.We could exist on our own - peacefully and sensibly.(Lord Bamford on BBC Midlands)

Our most successful trade is not with the EU. It is with the USA (surplus £22bn), Australia £9.7bn and Switzerland £8.5Bn

In 2011, Europhile Richard Branson moved a key part of his Virgin empire out of Britain to (non EU) Switzerland

3 million jobs depend on our trade with Europe, Yes, on our trade, not on our membership of the EU.

The UK has not managed to block a single proposal from the Commission passing through the Council of Ministers, despite trying 55 times.

The EU has told the UK to close down all working Coal fired power stations, Meanwhile Germany has opened up 4 new ones.

Ford Transit factory in Southampton closed down causing job losses because Ford moved to (non EU) Turkey with the help of £80m EU funding

Even before the bill for an extra £1.7bn: The UK's net contributions to the EU rose from £2.7bn in 2008 to £11.3bn last year. (ONS)

The European Commission President has said he'll back EU visa-free travel for Ukrainians, despite the political climate on migration.

The Eus Common Agricultural policy increases UK food prices by 17% making more people dependenton Food banks (IEA18/01/2013)

The high energy costs of EU environmental legislation have closed down the UKs aluminium smelters and is threatening the cement industry.

The last cigarette factory in Britain, Imperial Tobacco Nottingham, has announced the closure of its factory - moving to Poland and Germany.

EU green diktats are the reason why, for example, the Environment Agency decided to abandon the longstanding pravtice of dredging rivers.

An organisation does not have to be in the EU to trade with an organisation in the EU

Tate & Lyle Sugars London says its production has fallen due to the EU's regulation which favours beet sugar rather than cane sugar.

EU membership has not given the UK any insider advantages in trade with other European countries, a report by Civitas says (BBC 05/05/14)

Academic papers





IEA - trade will not be lost

300 CEO'S back Brexit

TTIP - its not what you eat its what you're prepared to swallow

TTIP - Who benefits the most, not us

CBI's remain arguement destroyed

Boeing back the UK for new HQ

JD Wetherspoons back Brexit

Peter Hargreaves - Hargreaves Lansdown

We will thrive outside EU say Lloyds

George Osborne slammed by BA for Brexit scaremongering

Farmers weekly poll to leave

EU VAT meddling may push up UK prices

EU regs to affect Ice-cream industry

Steel crisis made in Brussels

Economic benefits of mass migration debunked

Fashion house boss - Nothing to fear leaving political union

EU membership irrelevant says industrial giant GE

John Redwood MP Britain will thrive

UK Losing Trillions in trade due to EU membership

The EU is destroying our Royal Mail

UK farming better of outside the political EU

Britain should look East instead of staying in dwindling EU

Top UK businesses no longer see EU as a benefit

Bank of England support for Brexit

CBI wrong again and again

An outdated immigration system based on nationality rather than skills

67% Asian & 72% of US investors - Britain would be more attractive if it loosened ties with the EU

Brexit boosts british farming

EU Commisioner admits she doesnt take mandate from the people

Protectionist EU keeps Africa starving

EU rules set to sink thriving UK port industy

Eurozone - sick man of global trading

US Giant GE - Britain does not need EU

Britain badly hit by EUs tariff regime

TTIP negotiated in secret

The 100 costliest EU regulations

Icelands free trade deal with China

Cut EU red tape

The UK doesnt need to be in political union to continue trading with Europe

TTIP Good or bad you decide

British Farmers better of out

EU destroyed british fishing industry

UK Eurosceptic Groups

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